Meet: The Pretty Fork

The Pretty Fork is redefining the dining experience n Seattle and across the Puget Sound Yet, dining beyond belief comes with a catch... It's all secret.  When Joey Manley and Michael Watts invited their closest friends and family to Poco Wine & Spirits in June of 2014, there’s no way their guests could know what they were in for.  And that was the point. That evening, Michael & Joey introduced Seattle to a new way of dining out and in the years since they have disrupted the way diners do just that through progressive, destination, and many more custom dining experiences. 


When dining with The Pretty Fork, precise details are provided on a need to know basis. The menu and location are provided 24-48 hours prior to your reservation adding the element of surprise to dining. You pay one price, show up, eat, and walk away. The Pretty Fork takes care of the rest. 

The belief is that disappointment is only derived through expectations.  By keeping the location and menu as their concern,  this allows the guest to experience food truly.   Where many people see food as a means to an end, The Pretty Fork sees food as an opportunity to travel, try something new, to see a different perspective, and reaffirm what you love.

Join us and dine with a secret.

The Pretty Fork is looking to the future of food by promoting development and discovery. We are curious, culturally connected, and eager to learn something new and off the beaten path to introduce new ideas that are original and creative.


Being hospitable with the strength to show sympathy and concern for others is paramount to our business. Eating is a highly personal activity and not everyone shares the same palate or preferences. Through our dining experiences we succeed in being trustworthy, reliable and honest.


Additionally, we strive to eating local to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations. Our experiences foster feelings of fellowship with others through breaking bread, sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

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The Pretty Fork is redefining the dining experience through public and private dining reservations in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest as your private concierge.. Founders Joey Manley and Michael Watts have relationships with premier restaurants and chefs in the region to create custom menus tailored to each guest for a secret dining experience. 
​212 Broadway Ave E #20808
Seattle, WA