The Pretty Fork is defining the Pacific Northwest dining experience by featuring progressive and destination refection for the food enthusiast.
The catch? It’s all secret. Precise details are provided as you need them. Locations revealed 24 hours in advance.We handle it all. Show up, eat, and repeat.  Let's chat about your foodie desire. 
​212 Broadway Ave E #20808
Seattle, WA
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9-course progressive neighborhood dining starting at $83/pp

Includes gratuity, tax, and pairings

Ticket holders are informed of the location 24 hours before dinner




6-course destination dining starting at $399/pp

Includes gratuity, tax, and pairings


Ticket holders are informed of the location 24 hours before dinner



1 night, unique restaurants, 6-200 seats, and 6 or 9 tailored-courses

Progressive dining is a private walking food tour between appetizer, entree, and dessert highlighting the flavors and spice that make each Seattle neighborhood unique.

1 afternoon, 6-30 seats, and 6 tailored courses in the islands

Destination dining is the only way to experience food in the Pacific Northwest, flying you to secret destinations unknown across Puget Sound and the Salish Sea.



“Loved it!! The Pretty Fork was very knowledgeable about the Seattle food scene, they are friendly and funny. This was my most favorite food tour! I would highly recommend this experience.” 


—  Caryn, Capitol Hill


Meet: The Pretty Fork

Why dine progressive with us? Our belief is that disappointment is only derived through expectation. By keeping the location and menu a secret it allows you, our guest, to fully immerse yourself in the experience of dining. On our progressive dining experiences we visit 3 upscale full service restaurants all withing walking distance and dine on appetizer, entree and dessert within 2.5 to 3 hours. No tiny bites here, you'll eat enough for a full meal. See a sample menu here.


We take care of everything. Our concierge works with you to define each dining experience. On the day of the event you show up, you group eats, and you leave. No confusing menus to pick from, no concerns about allergies, and no checks to split. In the end, you receive a delicious, effortless experience.

Help us impact food sustainability in a positive way. Did you know that for every meal prepared and served at a restaurant, 1/2 pound of that food goes to waste either in prep, left on the table, or leftovers you don’t eat?

Compared to a normal group dinner of 6 or more guests, a Progressive Dinner with The Pretty Fork allows you to reduce the overall food produced (and wasted!) by nearly 30%. We use smart advance-ordering techniques and consider each guests dietary profile so we can plan the perfect menu. 


The right amount of food comes out, less food goes to waste, and you go home happy. It's that simple.