The Pretty Fork is redefining the dining experience through public and private reservations in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Founders Joey Manley and Michael Watts have built ties with the premier restaurants and chefs in the region to create custom menus tailored to each guest for a truly carefree dining experience. 
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Seattle, WA
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Columbia City has approached peak Seattle hipness thanks to its dynamic multi-racial community, range of eateries, and growing population.

Communal - limited dates

This neighborhood is a diverse area with historic homes and storefronts with its international mix of restaurants and cafes. Listed as the #10 most desirable neighborhood in Seattle, you'll find it quaint and delicious. While the price of living is mounting as fast as the influx of A-type professionals, the food scene remains steadfast and is growing. The historical diversity of the region is evident in the plethora of food choices from several corners of the globe, from the alluring spices of the African coast to the sumptuous comfort foods found in the deep South. The answer is a laundry list of soulful spots, all conveniently gathered here for your bookmarking pleasure and easy to support even as a traveler, thanks to light rail this diverse area with historic homes and storefronts with its international mix of restaurants and cafes.

What to expect: For 3 hours we will immerse ourselves in these worldly flavors. We will walk from restaurant to restaurant for 3-courses of each appetizer, entrees, and dessert. 


Includes: 9 tailored courses of food across 3 unique neighborhood eateries and optional beverage pairings. Come hungry, excite your palate, and leave enlightened.


The Catch: Details provided on a need to know basis.  Precise location(s), guest list, and menu are our concern.  If you need assistance with any of these, please consult our FAQ page or contact our dining concierge for assistance.


Already have reservations? 24-hours prior to your dinner you will receive an email with the exact location of where to meet, how to dress, and what to expect. Didn’t get our email? Contact us.

Meet: the neighbors

Pioneer Square: This on-trend culinary scene offers something for every craving and culinary desire. Pioneer Square was the birthplace of the city in Seattle. Now more than 100 years later, the historic neighborhood is bustling once again with brick buildings and a lot of the hippest restaurants and bars in the city.


South Lake Union: Variety rules when it comes to dining in South Lake Union. Although South Lake Union had humble beginnings, progress was always a core tenant of the neighborhood. This neighborhood offers sustainable food for brunch, lunch, dinner - and a few fancy happy hours to boot. The multitude of new hot spot bars and trendy eateries make this busy lakeside neighborhood the next best thing to sliced bread.


Downtown Seattle: For an authentic taste of the city, there's no better place to start than at the center of Seattle. This area is home to everything from glassy skyscrapers to historic brick buildings, modern boutiques to flagship department stores, and of course some of the country's hottest restaurants.