Frequently asked questions

Food Related

What if I have dietary restrictions or food allergies?

We CAN provide substitutions. We will confirm with all guests 48 hours before each event by email, where we ask for allergy or dietary restrictions. Other food allergies, such as gluten-free or dairy-free, we can also work with you on; however, CANNOT guarantee to accommodate each course. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but there is just not always the next best option. Substitutions requests must be received 48 hours in advance. We send our location release via email, providing information about the evening's events as well as promoting each guest to reply with any/all food aversions and allergies. Last-minute dietary changes will not be guanenteed. However, we will help guide you to avoid any allergies. If you HAVE SERIOUS FOOD ALLERGIES, please contact us or call us at 206-929-0070 before purchasing tickets for any of our dining events.

Are there vegetarian options?

Yes! If we know in advance, we will do our best to make appropriate substitutions for you on all of our dining events.

Are there kosher options?

The majority of the food tastings cannot guarantee kosher.

How much food is served?

That depends on the event. Our Progressive Dinners include 9+ courses from 3 different restaurants (3-courses at each location) in a standard dinner progression. Our Hidden Kitchens and Destination Dinners include between 6-9 courses presented by a single chef. Our goal is not to leave you filled to the brim, but certainly not leaving room for that late-night snack.

What types of foods are served?

You will taste locally prepared foods and wines, highlighting flavors from around the world. Being that each event we produce is unique to itself, we are unable to tell you precisely what will be on the menu. However, you will get a glimpse of what to expect in the 48-hour location release email.

Are there any beverages served?

All beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are run on individual tabs for those who opt-out of the optional wine pairing. Wine pairings include one wine pairing at each location. Anything above or beyond that will be each individual's responsibility.

Should I eat anything before coming?

We recommend arriving hungry, but not starving. The amount of food served throughout our events is considered a full meal, so come ready for a feast.

Reservation Related

Do I have to purchase in advance?

Yes, an advance purchase is required. Events typically sell out quickly. To maximize your chances of getting the date, time, and the number of tickets you prefer, please book well in advance.

Can I get a refund or reschedule my reservations?

Reservations are transferable between individuals with appropriate notice (7 days before the event). Because each of our events is unique, they are non-refundable. Reservations are only valid for the date, time, and event purchased. Our events often sell out. No partial credits or rescheduling is allowed for partial attendance, no shows, or late arrivals. It is your responsibility to show up at the right location on time. The events commence promptly.

If an event is sold out, can I get on a waiting list?

We do not provide a waiting list. All of our events are first-come, first-serve. Please contact us if you are interested in a specific date. We have a bit of flexibility and can offer an exclusive event for your group for people of 6 or more.

What is included in my ticket price?

Progressive Dinner

  • 9 Prefix Courses (secret menu)
  • Gratuity
  • Optional wine pairing including one wine pairing at each location (3 pours) ​
Hidden Kitchens
  • 6-9 Prefix Courses (secret menu)
  • Gratuity
  • Optional Wine Pairing, including three pours.
Destination Dining Puget Sound
  • Round Trip Airfare (seaplane, leaving from Lake Union)
  • 6-9 Prefix Courses (secret menu)
  • Gratuity

Are gratuities included in the price?

Yes! We make sure our restaurant partners make at least 18% gratuities on all events. Gratuities for your Pretty Fork experience managers also included in the ticket price. If you feel generous, they will gladly accept extra gratuity. Keep in mind that all bar tabs are run separately unless you pre-paid for a beverage pairing, and you will need to add gratuity to those amounts.

Do you offer discounted tickets for children and seniors?

Currently, we do not offer any discounted tickets for seniors. All of our events are 21+


Do you repeat events?

There are only 3 reasons we would repeat an event.

  • ​Sold out - We will schedule a repeat of our more popular neighborhoods allowing everyone the opportunity to feed their curiosity.
  • It's been a while - our restaurant partners are bleeding edge chefs and they know change is the only way to stay relevant.
  • Private Contract - Many of our guest wish to share their experience and we offer private packages for groups of 10 or more to any of our past events. Contact us for more information

Do the events start and end at the same place?

The events all end within a few blocks of the starting point and will be outlined in the 48 hour location release email.

What happens if it rains?

All tours and events are held rain or shine. You should dress appropriately for the day’s weather conditions and bring an umbrella if necessary.

Is there parking nearby the tour meeting point?

Yes, there are many parking facilities around Seattle and we will outline the best parking options for each event in the 48-hour location release email.

Are bathrooms available?

Yes, bathrooms are available at each location.

Are cameras allowed?

Yes! In fact, we strongly encourage participants to take photos during our events. and post like crazy using #ThePrettyFork. However, we do not allow video cameras or tape recorders.

Are the events wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, wheelchairs are not recommended but not due to the crowds and tight spaces and the occasional stairs. That said, all locations are generally wheelchair accessible.

Who Can Attend

Are there age restrictions?

All of our events, excluding private contracted events, are 21+

Can I bring my dog?

Due to the various food establishments we visit, pets of any kind are not allowed.

How physically fit do I need to be to enjoy my event?

Our events require a certain level of physical stamina, but not that of a typical food tour where you are on your feet or approximately 2-3 hours. We keep our walking time to a minimum (under 10 min) and have table reservations and seats at each location for all ticket holders.

Do the tours have anything to offer a native Seattleite?

Definitely! The majority of our diners live right here in Seattle. We aim for locals to discover the feast in their own backyard! The Seattle food scene is changing so rapidly and this has been their way to keep up.

The Pretty Fork is redefining the dining experience through public and private dining reservations in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest as your private concierge.. Founders Joey Manley and Michael Watts have relationships with premier restaurants and chefs in the region to create custom menus tailored to each guest for a secret dining experience. 
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