• Joey Manley

Our Winter 2019 progressive selections

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

No sooner was Halloween upon us did we feel the holidays feasts whiz by. Now, shortly after the New Years we have settled into delicious winter seasonal fare for our tables.

In winter 2019 we are adding South Lake Union and West Seattle to our progressive dinner rotation, in addition to other favorites like Downtown Seattle and Pioneer SquareYou can discover new gems in each of them no matter what. 

From January to March you'll see us transition from the bold flavors of autumn as we set aside butternut squash soups, cauliflower steaks, beet salads, roasted Brussels sprouts, and sauteed kohlrabi dishes.

We will soon pick up winter warming flavors of asparagus, eggplant parmesan, carrot stew, puttanesca, and roasted chicken with chard and basil. It's been while since we've dined in these neighborhoods and they support the best in local fare.

Check our availability and meet other culinary enthusiasts like yourself. With this link, you can reserve seats now. 

Remember, these neighborhoods are only available on a select few dates for the next 3 months. Get them now, let's eat!

- The Pretty Fork

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