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The Pretty Fork is here to define the dining experience in Seattle, the Puget Sound, and across the globe featuring progressive, destination & hidden dinners.  Want more  information? Read our FAQs or check out our Upcoming Events or, Contact Us for something more exclusive.

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Kenmore Air Pretty Fork Blog
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2TravelDads Pretty Fork Trip

4 Cities, 12 Restaurants and 66 Courses — for $10,000

The Points Guy - January 2018

The Pretty Fork, a Seattle-based “dining experience” company that throws progressive, destination and hidden dinners, launched an event called Destination Dining America on Friday and it’s a culinary doozy for travel obsessives. Here are the details: Attendees fly first class to four major metropolitan cities in the United States and eat at a dozen restaurants (five of which have Michelin stars) over 13 nights. The cost? $10,000.

So that’s nearly two straight weeks eating some of the best food stateside. For those counting, that’s 66 courses and wine pairings. Bloated yet?

8 air cruises for a crazy trip around the world

French Vanity Fair - February 2018


On the program: Ok, this is not a world tour but a tour of the United States, which is a little bit the same, right? " Destination Dining America " takes you to Premiere and stops in four surprise cities, where you'll discover the 12 best restaurants in the country among the 3 Michelin stars and other "50's Best". Departure and arrival in Seattle.


Pretty Fork: The Best Kept Seceret In American Dining

Inside Beauty - February 2018

“If money didn’t matter, what would your dream job be?”

The intense feeling of wanderlust and desire to eat our hearts out has consumed the Millennial generation; that’s why tagging ourselves in locations and sacrificing the warmth of our Sunday brunch just to get that ‘pic for the gram’ has become such a norm. Unfortunately, we can’t all be overnight Instagram sensations for food & travel, but Joe Manley, co-founder, and CEO of the Pretty Fork Food Experience has granted us the opportunity to at least get a taste of that lavish lifestyle!

Can Airbnb Experiences unlock a new side of Seattle?

Seattle Refined - April 2017

Host Joey, Pretty Fork co-founder, guides you to 9 courses and 3 drink pairings spread across three restaurants in a single neighborhood, which won’t be revealed until shortly before you embark. A beefed-up “trust the chef” tasting menu for diners with insatiable curiosity to match their appetites.

Destination Dinners with Pretty Fork at Rosario Resort

Kenmore Air - November 2016

I love a good field trip. I love to eat. And, I love to spend the day with folks who are downright passionate about food and travel. All the above bookended by round-trip seaplane flight with Pretty Fork? To say I was excited, doesn’t even come close. 

Destination Dining with the Pretty Fork: an Orcas Island food escape

2 Travel Dads - September 2016

Okay, new favorite thing to do on a Thursday afternoon:  destination dining.  Whaaaaa?  Yep, it’s the coolest and most unusual, but most Pacific Northwest thing you can possibly do.  The Pretty Fork, a local Seattle progressive dining tour operator, has got the concept of destination dining down.  

Seattle-based Luxury Jets Take Travel to new Heights

Seattle Magazine - June 2016

Hopping onto a flight just to go for dinner may sound like the sort of decadence reserved for the likes of Russell and Ciara. But The Pretty Fork, a Seattle-based foodie-experience company, is making it a more attainable special occasion with its new Destination Dinners. 

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The Pretty Fork is redefining the dining experience through public and private dining reservations in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest as your private concierge.. Founders Joey Manley and Michael Watts have relationships with premier restaurants and chefs in the region to create custom menus tailored to each guest for a secret dining experience. 
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