Location 1 - Appetizers

  • Kale caesar, focaccia croutons, lemon, caesar dressing

  • Charred prosser peppers, nduja, gremolata, pecorino

  • Meatballs, provolone, san marzano marinara

  • Wine pairing available



Location 2 - Entrée

  • Jamaican Jerked Chicken

  • Alaskan Halibut*  Pozole Verde

  • Mushroom Risotto with sage

  • Wine pairing available


Location 3 - Dessert

  • Labneh cheesecake with pecan & bing cherries

  • Peach crepe with lavender cream & crushed meringue

  • Nutty gelato & sorbets

  • Wine pairing available


How It Works:

Once Confirmed: 24-hours prior to your tour you will receive an email with a glimpse into the menu and the precise location and time to meet.

Need to know? Dietary restrictions, groups, specific dates, accessibility, or private events are welcome to Contact Us to ensure your experience is a success.


Keep in mind: We are a non-discriminatory food tour. We respect allergies, avoidance and the innovation that vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets bring to the world of food.  We work hard to tailor each experience to each guest and request at least 48 hours notice so we can customize menus.


If you have dietary restrictions: please read our frequently asked questions before confirming your reservations. Contact us if you have questions.

Why dine progressive with us? Our belief is that disappointment is only derived through expectation. By keeping the location and menu a secret it allows you, our guest, to fully immerse yourself in the experience of dining. On our progressive dining experiences we visit 3 upscale full service restaurants all withing walking distance and dine on appetizer, entree and dessert within 2.5 to 3 hours. No tiny bites here, you'll eat enough for a full meal.


We take care of everything. Our concierge works with you to define each dining experience. On the day of the event you show up, you group eats, and you leave. No confusing menus to pick from, no concerns about allergies, and no checks to split. In the end, you receive a delicious, effortless experience 


Help us impact food sustainability in a positive way. Did you know that for every meal prepared and served at a restaurant, 1/2 pound of that food goes to waste either in prep, left on the table, or leftovers you don’t eat?

Compared to a normal group dinner of 6 or more guests, a Progressive Dinner with The Pretty Fork allows you to reduce the overall food produced (and wasted!) by nearly 30%. We use smart advance-ordering techniques and consider each guests dietary profile so we can plan the perfect menu. 


The right amount of food comes out, less food goes to waste, and you go home sated. It's that simple.


“It was amazing! As a first-time visitor to Seattle, this was a perfect way to get to see a Seattle neighborhood, have some great food, and learn about Seattle first-hand from one of its locals.” 


—  Bill, Atlanta

Meet: the neighborhoods

Here are a sampling of the neighborhoods we work with:

Pioneer Square: This on-trend culinary scene offers something for every craving and culinary desire. Pioneer Square was the birthplace of the city in Seattle. Now more than 100 years later, the historic neighborhood is bustling once again with brick buildings and a lot of the hippest restaurants and bars in the city. 


West Seattle: From the relaxed beach town vibe to trendy boutiques, bars, and restaurants worth writing home about, West Seattle blends laid-back charm with its family-friendly roots. On California Avenue, go for sustainable sourced and ridiculously fresh sushi or epic fried chicken and Hawaiian-inspired cuisine. This neighborhood also has some of the city's best Italian and Spanish tapas around.


Downtown Seattle: For an authentic taste of the city, there's no better place to start than at the center of Seattle. This area is home to everything from glassy skyscrapers to historic brick buildings, modern boutiques to flagship department stores, and of course some of the country's hottest restaurants.


South Lake Union: Variety rules when it comes to dining in South Lake Union. Although South Lake Union had humble beginnings, progress was always a core tenant of the neighborhood. This neighborhood offers sustainable food for brunch, lunch, dinner - and a few fancy happy hours to boot. The multitude of new hot spot bars and trendy eateries make this busy lakeside neighborhood the next best thing to sliced bread.

The Pretty Fork is redefining the dining experience through public and private dining reservations in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest as your private concierge.. Founders Joey Manley and Michael Watts have relationships with premier restaurants and chefs in the region to create custom menus tailored to each guest for a secret dining experience. 
​212 Broadway Ave E #20808
Seattle, WA